Quality- and environment

Kyrel has the following quality- and environmental certificates assigned by DNV

  • ISO9001
  • ISO13485
  • ISO14001

Our plant has already a long history concerning management systems above. The first quality certificate has been assigned in 1992 and the first environmental certificate has been assigned in 2000.
Quality- and environmental principles, defined by Kyrel management, are:

  • Considering of quality- and environmental issues means customer satisfaction in our company. Our goal is always to satisfy customers’s needs and expectations while taking care of our common environment.

  • Considering of quality- and environmental issues is the most important issue in our all operations and we are all responsible about realization of these in our own functions.

  • We are continuously developing our operations and maintaining our management system according to ISO9001, ISO13485 and ISO14001 standards.

  • We are committed to comply these principles, local legislation and all other requirements related to our operations.

Quality assurance methods in our production are based on preventive risk management (PFMEA, control plan, mistake proofing etc.) and real-time quality monitoring (visual inspections, automatic optical inspections, measurements, functional tests). Results of quality monitoring are analyzed and on the basis of analysis needed corrective and preventive actions are started for maintaining continuous improvement.

To minimize the risks we are also caring for traceability of products and used materials. Our environmental management is based on identification and prioritization of our environmental aspects. By monitoring of our significant aspects we will ensure that we are able to control and affect as needed our environmental impacts.

Our long-term quality- and environmental objectives are:

    • Continuously improve customer satisfaction
  • Continuously improve effectiveness and productiveness of our processes
  • Minimize the amounts of wastes and maximization of recycling
  • Operate according to requirements of legislation and achieve readiness to produce more environmental friendly products
  • Save natural resources and prevent air pollution
  • Avoid wasting of material
  • Avoid hazardous waste setting free to the environment and prevent the pollution of nature.



Depending on customer and application requirements, we are able to adjust our production to meet the various standards and directives. For example, we have had automotive clients in the past and also an ISO/TS-16949 certified production line for automotive.

Due to several different products and requirements, our readiness to accurate traceability of products, is available and can be taken into use according to customer’s needs.