We offer modern, professional and competitive Finnish electronics, mechanics and electromechanic assembly services with over 40 years of experience. Among our over 80 customers there are both Finnish and international companies within telecommunication, industrial electronics, vehicle electronics, consumer and medical businesses as well as defense applications and LED lighting.

Maintaining and developing our know-how and capabilities by continuous investments is of utmost importance for us. We have invested millions of euros during last couple of years into production equipment and IT systems. According to our customer feedback we are among the top companies within the industry.

We manufacture wide range of products from challenging miniature electronics to complex electromechanical assemblies and systems. According to our customers needs we make everything from SMT assembly to final products in sales packaging, as requested, and, if requested, we deliver the product directly to our customers´ customers, around the world.

Our production is mainly small and medium sized series, but we have the capability to respond to higher demand, both from economical perspective as well as ffrom know-how and equipment point of view. Prototype series is also one of our services, so manufacturing series sized from one piece up are suited for our production.

We have been acquiring great part of our materials on our own for over 30 years and this has lead to a global material supply network. This network and the knowledge of supply networks is available to our customers. This includes our ERP system that contains EDI-connections for system to system communications and extranet applications to both our suppliers and customers, tailored to suit everyone’s needs.

Our 4000 square meter modern production facilities are originally designed for electronics manufacturing, equipped with air-conditioning, humidity control and ESD-control.