Logistics & IT

Supplier selection

Second source manufacturers and components searching
Supplier selection and valuation

Global material sourcing

Global suppliers and partners in Europe, Far East and in USA
Global forwarder partners


Customized logistic solutions

Deliveries to end customers
Deliveries to customer distribution centers globally
Consigment stock and buffering possibilities

Supplier based logistics solutions

Consignment stock

EDI-connections to customers and suppliers

Inbound: forecast, Consignment forecast, orders, order response, delivery note, invoice
Outbound: forecast, orders, order response, delivery note, invoice

Customer Extranet

Content of customer Extranet is customized case by case:

Supplier Extranet

With 100 suppliers
Order forecasts
Orders and order response
Min/Max forecast and orders
Delivery performance
Delivery note

Excess Material Sales

Daily published excess material catalog can be viewed here.
For more information and orders, please send e-mail to excessmaterialsales@kyrel.fi