Competent. Competitive.

Kyrel provides electronics, mechanics, and electromechanics assembly services with more than 40 years of experience.

Thousands of years of experience

We are known for our expertise and excellent customer service. We offer the combination of extensive experience, modern production technology, digitalization, and certified quality systems that our customers can rely on.

A stable and reliable partner

Our customers include Finnish and international telecommunications, health care, industrial, automotive, and consumer electronics businesses as well as defense technology and LED lighting companies.

One step ahead

Kyrel is a contract manufacturer that develops its operations in a rapid and focused manner. We adopt new ideas and methods quickly and customer-specifically.

Toward a sustainable future

Kyrel’s strong heritage lays a solid foundation for a future where ecologically, economically, and socially sustainable solutions are required.

Our services – one step ahead

Logistics & IT
Electronics assembly
Long boards
Mechanical assembly
Electro mechanics assembly

Our efficient production technology complements our extensive experience and strong competence.

Over the past decade, we have invested millions of euros in production technology and data systems. Our committed employees have a long history at the company and extensive experience in various positions. Tapping into their competence and developing their skills further are key elements of building future growth.

We value maintaining and improving our competence through continuous investments.

Our business is based on customer satisfaction, expertise, and profitability.

In control of data

In the past five years, the utilization of data has become a priority in Kyrel’s development efforts. We have built dozens of applications for managing the collection of data on production machines, test equipment, materials, and sales as well as for organizing and analyzing this data. We know what is going on at all times.

In addition to real-time and multi-stage production quality assurance, risk management is an integral part of our production and overall business.

We manufacture products according to our customers’ needs from PCB assemblies to customer-packaged products.