Electronics assembly

Over the past decade, we have invested millions of euros in production technology and data systems.

Surface mount assembly

We are using SPI (Solder Paste Inspection) and AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection) equipment in quality assurance for verifying the paste application and the correct positioning and soldering of components. We use X-ray equipment for the solder joint inspection of µBGA and BGA components.

Protecting electronics

For protecting electronics with lacquer, we use selective lacquering lines according to the customer’s needs.

Hotmelt molding:
We use a low-pressure molding process on electronics.

Reflow and wave soldering

We have vapor phase reflow equipment in addition to nitrogen reflow ovens. For wave soldering, we use a wave soldering line or selective soldering machines that use nitrogen.

Panel disassembly

We use various routers and a laser for removing modules from panels.

Efficient and capable production technology

We are constantly and ambitiously developing our processes in order to maintain our competitiveness and position among the top suppliers in the industry.

Focusing on a single plant allows for a cost-effective organization.