Electronics assembly


We are using 3D paste printing inspection, that measure the volume of single paste print. We also have AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection), to make sure all components are on right position. For BGA and BGA component reflow inspection, we use an x-ray. Maximum panel size is 580×1500 mm. Minimum component package size 01005 / µBGA in 0,3 mm pitch. 

Through hole assembly

We are doing manual through hole assembly.

Reflow- ja wave soldering

We have reflow owens with nitrogen and a vapor-phase soldering machines. For wave soldering we use a wave soldering line or selective wave soldering machine.

Electronics repair

We offer rapid electronics rework service. We also have repair stations for BGA components. After Sales services are part of our business including product maintenance, repair, rework, SW updating, reporting and logistics.

Selective conformal coating

We have selective conformal coating Lines for electronics protection, according customers need. Lines consist 3 different size of nozzles that can be inclined 45° and circulated 360˚. Practical resolution is 1-2 mm. Maximum panel size is 500x500x100 mm (w, l, h).

Hotmelt Moulding

We can protect your electronics also by coating components or hole PCBA with hotmelt moulding process.